BioGenerator Follow-On Funds

Our best ROI opportunities.

BioGenerator Ventures' base investment model deploys funds from an evergreen fund structure where BioGenerator Ventures invests increasing amounts of capital over time into companies that meet milestones. Companies that perform very well across multiple investments from BioGenerator Ventures are then selected for investment from follow-on ROI funds managed by the BioGenerator Ventures team. In selecting follow-on fund investments, the BioGenertor Ventures team benefits from years of working with management teams and technology, choosing only the very best companies for follow-on investment from ROI funds managed by BioGenerator Ventures. A pilot ROI fund, BioGenerator Fund I, was closed in 2017 and fully deployed by 2019.

BioGenerator Ventures portfolio companies selected for follow-on investment from the BioGenerator Fund I pilot:

  • Benson Hill (2018) (Pending SPAC merger announced in 2021.  NYSE: BHIL)
  • Canopy Biosciences (2019) (Acquired by NASDAQ: BRKR in 2020)
  • Galera Therapeutics (2018) (IPO; NASDAQ: GRTX in 2019)
  • MediBeacon (2018)
  • Arch Oncology (2018)
  • Cardialen (2018)
  • CoverCress (2018)
  • SentiAR (2018)

Calendar year indicates year of BioGenerator Fund I investment.