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  • BioGenerator has invested $11 million in capital
  • Portfolio companies have raised $250 million total capital
  • 84% of portfolio companies received their first funding in 2010 or after.
  • 67% of companies enter the portfolio at the Concept or Pre-seed stage


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Canopy Biosciences

Canopy Biosciences is a source for cutting edge research tools for genetic engineering, molecular biology, and personalized medicine. They partner with leading researchers at top institutions to turn their discoveries into tangible products, and make them available to the world.


Unleash is an immune-oncology company developing virus immunotherapy products to treat cancer.

Visit Unleash’s website


MedAware offers a comprehensive solution for empowering care teams, patients and family to overcome the inherent challenges of care coordination which is estimated to cost our health system $240B today. The company focuses on transforming the healthcare communication experience across settings of care in a rapidly growing marketplace.

Visit the MedAware website

accuronix logo

Accuronix Therapeutics is developing breakthrough treatments for the most difficult types of cancer. With a particular focus in pancreatic cancer, the company’s mission is to develop novel oncology therapies founded on technology that selectively targets overexpressed receptors on cancer cells.


Edison Agrosciences is an agricultural biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative solutions for the production of plant-based industrial materials, with a primary focus on the development of alternative rubber crops.

Visit Edison Agrosciences website 


S4 Agtech uses satellite images of farm fields around the world and data analytics to help its customers predict crop yields, allowing them to make more informed decisions and better allocate their resources.

Visit the S4 website

NItrogenics Logo

Nitrogenics has modified plants to allow direct absorption of atmospheric nitrogen rather than from fertilized soil.


Arch Innotek produces high-value natural ingredients for human and animal health by low-cost, sustainable fermentation-based processes.

Visit the Arch Innotek website


Provetis is a collaboration of leading scientists and commercialization experts to create new veterinary drugs and products for companion and production animals.


SanusEO is engaging chronic disease patients in the effective transition to self-care via digital communications.

Visit the SanusEO website 


Mobius ABX is leveraging the 505(b)2 regulatory process to develop safer and cost effective medicines.


Elira Therapeutics is a medical device company developing a novel system to suppress appetite and assist with diet adherence.


SynerZ Medical is a medical device company focused on the treatment of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic syndromes.



EDIS gathers, filters, combines and presents pharmaceutical intelligence in an actionable format. It turns manual into automatic, risk into reliability, and wait into wow.

Visit the EDIS website. 


Katalyst Surgical is an industry leader in titanium ophthalmic surgical instruments, and ophthalmic eye instruments.

Visit the Katalyst website


Cofactor Genomics is the market leader in RNA based products and services in the rapidly expanding functional genomics market.

Visit the Cofactor Genomics website 


iNOVOTEC Animal Care provides vital herd information that is scientifically proven, cost-effective and easily integrated with current farming practices.

Visit the iNOVOTEC website


ePharmix offers a portfolio of prescribable, disease-specific communication tools designed by practicing providers to improve their patients’ health.

Visit Epharmix’ website


MedSocket was built for the growing need of healthcare organizations to provide quick access to clinical decision support information at the point of care.

Visit MedSocket website 


Arvegenix is developing Field Pennycress to be the next major crop in the Midwest. Pennycress produces economically important meal and oil, while providing winter cover crop benefits by preventing soil erosion and protecting from nitrogen runoff.

Visit ARVEGENIX website 


PMDI is a partnership between the Peter Michael Foundation and The Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine that will commercialize breakthrough research for prostate cancer.

immuno logo picture

Immunophotonics is developing an in situ therapeutic cancer vaccine for the treatment of solid tumor cancers. The technology is practical, cost-effective, nontoxic and potentially highly effective, as indicated by nonclinical and initial clinical studies.

Visit Immunophotonics Website


Daya CNS is developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of neuropathic pain.


YourBevCo is marketing novel consumer products that remove allergens and other problematic ingredients from foods and beverages.

Visit YourBevCo Website

xtend Energy

X-tend Energy combines a novel process with innovative electrochemical materials to address critical performance, cost, and scaling challenges limiting electric vehicle adoption.

Visit X-tend Energy Website


Tioma is developing humanized anti-CD47 monoclonal antibodies for multiple human diseases that will benefit from modulation of CD47 activity.

Visit Tioma Website


Traxxsson is developing serum tests that will distinguish aggressive from indolent cancers.

Visit Traxxsson Website


Tansna Therapeutics is pursuing novel mechanism of action drugs to treat epilepsy and other CNS diseases.

Visit Tansna Therapeutics Website


SARmont is a contract research organization that provides unique medicinal chemistry services capable of advancing a drug discovery program from pre-company formation through selection of an IND candidate.

Visit SARmont Website


Pulse Therapeutics has developed a new approach to improve the fluid dynamics in poor to zero flow vascular anatomical locations, with potential application in stroke and DVT.

Visit Pulse Therapeutics Website


Neurolutions seeks to develop a revolutionary platform of devices, based on Brain Computer Interface technology, which promise to restore function to patients who are disabled as a result of neurological injury.

Visit Neurolutions Website


Nanopore Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company developing a rapid, portable platform technology that quickly and accurately quantifies biomarkers and microorganisms in a raw fluid sample.

Visit Nanopore Diagnostics Website


Mobius Therapeutics has developed a novel, patent protected kit system, Mitosol®, for delivering mitomycin-c in glaucoma, surface ablation, and pterygium surgeries. Mobius obtained FDA approval for glaucoma surgery through a 505(b)(2) NDA process and is pursuing sNDA’s for additional indications.

Visit Mobius Therapeutics Website


MediBeacon is a medical device company focused on providing critical, real-time renal information to clinicians to measurably improve patient care. MediBeacon’s Optical Renal Function Monitor allows for real-time monitoring of kidney function at the point of care, providing direct, accurate, and current information.

Visit MediBeacon Website


Kypha is a medical diagnostics startup developing products to improve the way inflammation and autoimmune diseases are monitored and treated. Kypha is advancing its point-of-care diagnostics platform toward regulatory clearance and market launch.

Visit Kypha Website


Kogent Surgical is a designer and manufacturer of neurosurgery titanium instruments, mono/bipolar RF Generators, true non-stick bipolar forceps, ultrasonic aspirators with true bone removal capability, and other important novel tools and devices.

Visit Kogent Surgical Website

Ionic Transport

Ionic Transport Assays is a contract research organization establishing and performing novel safety pharmacology assays to evaluate the safety of therapeutic agents on ion channel function in human heart tissue.

Visit Ionic Transport Assays Website


Graematter has created a proprietary information analytics system that consolidates information from a significant—and growing—number of FDA sources into a single database with advanced search capabilities.

Visit Graematter Website


GeneriCo is developing and marketing generic pharmaceuticals in significant specialty segments of the rapidly growing generic drug market.

Visit GeneriCo Website


Galera Therapeutics is focused on the development of breakthrough drugs targeting the oxygen metabolic pathways. The company’s lead compounds are small molecule dismutase mimetics which prevent radiation-induced toxicity, and may also be used for treatment of fibrotic diseases and cancer.

Visit Galera Therapeutics Website


Euclises is developing patient stratified, novel, oral drugs for the treatment of COX-2 activated, refractory and resistant cancers.

Visit Euclises Pharmaceuticals Website


Electrochaea developing a game-changing technology for grid-scale energy storage by partnering with leading utilities and grid operators in Europe.

Visit Electrochaea Website

Confluence Discovery

Confluence Discovery Technologies is a drug discovery and development contract research organization providing biochemistry, biomarker, target validation and other services to pharma and academic clients.

Visit Confluence Discovery Website

Confluence Life Sciences

Confluence Life Sciences is a drug discovery and development company focusing on rational drug design to identify proprietary, mechanistically novel drugs. The company has developed a portfolio of projects to address unmet medical needs in cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Visit Confluence Life Sciences Website


Benson Hill Biosystems is an agricultural biotechnology company focused on developing biotech-based traits to increase intrinsic crop yields, principally by enhancing photosynthetic efficiency.

Visit Benson Hill Biosystems Website


BacterioScan is commercializing electro-optic instruments and disposables for rapidly detecting and measuring the concentration and growth of bacteria in fluids for research
and medical diagnostic applications. The technology will reduce the cost and delay of UTI diagnosis, and is expected to also reduce the unwarranted use of antibiotics.

Visit BacterioScan Website

Array Bridge

Array Bridge provides products and services that address two important areas in the development of biologics: biosimilar and innovator drug comparability analysis and impurity analysis.

Visit Array Bridge Website

APT Therapeutics

APT Therapeutics is a potential new treatment for acute thrombotic diseases with a combination of potent anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory efficacy, fast onset of action, and no bleeding.

Visit APT Therapeutics Website


Apse’s patent-pending technology dramatically lowers the
cost of producing RNA, thereby opening new, cost-effective approaches in a wide range of life-science applications. Apse’s products are initially focused on agricultural pest control.

Visit the Apse website. 


Apertus Pharmaceuticals specializes in the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates for Class II-V controlled substances. It also has related business streams for Drug Discovery Services and Analytical Services that leverage internal expertise and capabilities.

Visit Apertus Pharmaceuticals Website

Indalo Therapeutics

Indalo Therapeutics is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from debilitating fibrotic diseases. Founded on groundbreaking scientific discoveries and leveraging cutting-edge insight into the molecular drivers of aberrant scarring, Indalo is harnessing the collective experience of a seasoned team of pharmaceutical scientists and executives to tackle some of the most urgent unmet medical needs in the fibrosis space.

Visit Indalo Therapeutics Website


Adarza BioSystems is a label-free platform technology that enables the simultaneous detection of hundreds of proteins in a single drop of blood—at an industry-leading low cost. The company has developed the only next generation immunoassay platform proven capable of sensitive and reproducible highly multiplexed protein detection.

Visit Adarza BioSystems Website


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