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About Us

Our Story

BioGenerator was formed in 2003, to support new company formation and provide crucial investment in early-stage bioscience companies in St. Louis. Prominent community leaders realized the need to create a new generation of companies. Learn more about the history of BioGenerator here.

To date, we have invested in over 50 startup companies. You can learn more about the BioGenerator portfolio here and read our 2016 annual report.

BioGenerator is the investment arm of BioSTL, working together to advance the prosperity of St. Louis by cultivating a thriving bioscience sector. Learn more about BioSTL.

Our Approach

BioGenerator creates, grows and invests in promising bioscience companies and entrepreneurs in the St. Louis region. The firm’s work spans the early-stage startup lifecycle of companies within the health and plant sciences.

BioGenerator collaborates with portfolio companies with the goal of removing barriers to entrepreneurial success by investing and advising as well as providing critical physical infrastructure and facilitating key talent recruitment.

BioGenerator positions portfolio companies to raise syndicated and follow-on investments and to navigate the unique challenges of company development.



The Investment Team is responsible for all the investment activities at BioGenerator, including due diligence and research expertise, deal execution, new company formation and strategy assistance, and management guidance.


Our Operations Team manages daily operations at both the BioGenerator offices and BioGenerator Labs. The team provides support on a range of projects.

Entrepreneur Support

The Entrepreneur support team develops new ventures, funding sources, and talent.

Investment Advisory Committee

The BioGenerator IAC is a collection of experienced investors, venture capitalists, and business people, which evaluates and provides oversight to the later stage Seed investments.


BioGenerator takes a collaborative stance and seeks to partner with organizations both inside and outside the region.