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Core R&D Facility Agreements

BioGenerator, in collaboration with Cortex, has partnered with Washington University, Saint Louis University, University of Missouri-St. Louis and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to provide access to several of their core R&D facilities. Access to these facilities will help support commercialization efforts of BioGenerator supported companies, including investment recipients and BioGenerator Lab users.

The universities’ standard forms will enable companies to quickly gain access to superior resources in the St. Louis region.  Each agreement form link provides access to 2 agreements – A Facility Use Agreement through which a company can access and utilize the facilities and equipment of the respective university and a Services Agreement through which the company is contracting for the university to perform certain services. Although standard documents, please review the terms and provisions of any agreement you execute, paying particular attention to provisions around contract termination and confidentiality of property/information being provided to the university.  Each standardized agreement contains a Schedule A on which the specifics of the engagement are to be documented, such as phasing of the work to be performed and the handling of confidential information/property.

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center does not have a standard agreement form, please contact the individual core facilities for agreements.

For more information on the core facilities and agreements please review the links below

WUSTL research cores

WUSTL Agreement Form

SLU research cores

SLU Agreement Form

UMSL Research Cores

UMSL Agreement Form

DDPSC Research Cores

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