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Case Studies

BioGenerator offers a range of programs to support promising companies and entrepreneurs, including Entrepreneurs in Residence, BioGenerator Labs, Capital Formation, Fundamentals, Grants2Business, BioGenerator Grants, and staged Investments. Case studies provide insight into how these programs come together to create successful business outcomes.

Galera Therapeutics

Galera Therapeutics was founded by an experienced team of pharmaceutical and biotech veterans to develop assets the founders previously managed at other companies. The company’s lead compounds are selective small molecule mimetics of human superoxide dismutase enzymes. Read the Galera case study here.


Kalocyte is creating technology that will enable blood transfusion in challenging environments, offering the potential to save the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians.  BioGenerator provided pre-company support through its Fundamentals, G2B, and Grants programs.  Read the Kalocyte case study here.


Disarm Therapeutics

Disarm Therapeutics is creating a new class of therapeutics to treat patients with neurological diseases by preventing axonal degeneration.  BioGenerator provided pre-company support through its Grants program, along with introductions and advice.  Read the Disarm case study here.

Confluence Life Sciences

Confluence Life Sciences, acquired by Aclaris Therapeutics, is developing new treatments for inflammatory diseases and cancer.  BioGenerator was the first investor in Confluence, working with the founders prior to formation, and invested $1.4M prior to its exit by acquisition in 2017.  Read the Confluence case study here.

Benson Hill

Benson Hill Biosystems seeks to solve the world’s greatest challenges by combining plant biology, data analytics and cloud computing. BioGenerator worked with management to relocate the company to St. Louis, and subsequently led a seed round of investment. Read the Benson Hill case study here.

Benson Hill Biosystems


MediBeacon is developing the first real time renal function monitor.  BioGenerator worked with the founders to license the assets that formed the company, was its first investor, and subsequently led the seed round of investment.  Read the MediBeacon case study here.


SentiAR is improving outcomes in cardiac surgeries through medical holograms.  BioGenerator provided pre-company support through the Grants, EIR, Fundamentals, and Grants-2-Business programs.  BioGenerator then co-led the company’s seed round. Read the SentiAR case study here.

SentiAR augmented reality medical

Unleash Immuno Oncolytics

Unleash Immuno Oncolytics is developing technology for treating cancer. BioGenerator provided pre-company support to Unleash and its sibling company Precision Virologics. BioGenerator Grants, Fundamentals, and Grants2Business were all utilized to help launch these companies. Read more here.

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