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BioGenerator Company Adarza BioSystems Reaches Commercialization Stage, Launches ZIVA Platform

May 02, 2019

Adarza BioSystems to reveal ZIVA platform at AAI 2019:
a fully automated protein multiplex detection system

ST. LOUIS (May 2, 2019) — Biotech startup Adarza Biosystems, Inc. announced today that it will reveal its new protein multiplex instrument ZIVA at Immunology 2019, the annual meeting of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) from May 9 – 13. Using a simple, time-saving workflow, the new automated system can simultaneously measure, analyze and report on up to 200 biomarkers.

BioGenerator recruited Adarza to St. Louis and led the company’s initial institutional financing.

Designed to be user-friendly for clinical researchers, academic medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, government scientists, and clinical labs, Adarza’s multiplexing ZIVA platform relies on its proprietary AIR™ technology to create and analyze arrays of biologically active molecules on miniature biosensors.

Unlike other technologies on the market, Adarza allows for

According to Adarza CEO Bryan Witherbee: “Adarza and its new ZIVA platform will make life easier for labs looking to reduce complexity while providing reliability and flexibility, whether they’re studying disease biomarkers or developing new drugs.”

In addition to offering a menu of cytokines and inflammation biomarkers at full commercial launch in 2020, ZIVA assay offerings will expand to include oncology, metabolic, cardiovascular, and other relevant clinical protein targets. Because of the flexibility of Adarza’s AIR™ technology, future offerings will enable researchers to detect biomarkers for autoimmune disease and allergy testing and help with development of personalized medicine.

Adarza will demonstrate ZIVA’s capabilities at Booth #730 at Immunology 2019, from May 9 – 13 at the San Diego Convention Center.

About Adarza

At Adarza Biosystems, our mission is to provide labs with the easiest, fastest and most cost- effective solutions that provide reliable analysis and nearly instantaneous reporting on biological samples. Adarza’s new multiplex biosensor platform called ZIVA will initially be used for pharmaceutical drug discovery and biomedical research. It is currently being tested by leading biopharmaceutical companies. Visit us at https://adarzabio.com or on Twitter @AdarzaBio.