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Fundamentals is an entrepreneur development program managed by our Entrepreneur Support Team that is designed to support early, would-be entrepreneurs in the Life Sciences in St. Louis. The program provides a one-on-one, customized business learning experience for each participant.


Fundamentals is offered to clients at no cost. To express interest in the program, enter your information on our contact form here.


The program is designed to coach and support Founders of businesses. Fundamentals conveys a broad conceptual understanding of most operational business topics and then focuses deeply on teaching certain skills and providing certain resources especially needed by company Founders including:

  • Effective company incorporation and registration at low cost
  • The creation of a viable Business Model
  • The creation of a Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • How to recognize, recruit, and retain great talent for the Company
  • Pursuit of non-dilutive grants through the Grants2Business (G2B) program


Fundamentals is targeted to founders wishing to start a company in the bioscience space including therapeutics products, diagnostic products, medical devices, animal and crop agriculture products; and research tools, reagents and services companies.


The Roadmap. The Fundamentals Life-Science Entrepreneur’s Roadmap is a 65 page introductory text meant to provide the basics of company start-up for Founders of life-science businesses. It was developed by BioGenerator in cooperation with The Balsa Foundation.  This roughly 65-page document is designed to cover the basics of life-science company creation.

The Roadmap can be used two ways:

  • It can be read from start to finish in sequence – in fact each section contains a chapter that tells the story of a fictitious company start-up led by a company founder named Sue – a University Scientist.
  • The “Roadmap” is organized as a FAQ – all of the sections start with a question listed in the Table of Contents. Clicking on these will take you directly to the section addressing that question. So you can use just what you think you need.

Click here to download the Entrepreneur’s Roadmap

BioGenerator Labs.  Many Fundamentals clients utilize the BioGenerator Labs, a no-cost wet lab facility provided to early stage founders and companies.  Access to the Labs is provided on a merit basis.

Business Model Canvas.  Fundamentals uses the Business Model Canvas as a crucial Coaching Tool.  This well-known business-planning tool is best deployed well before an attempt is made at writing a business plan. The Business Model Canvas is the international standard for early stage entrepreneurial companies and is crucial to our coaching approach.

Watch a Video about the Business Model Canvas

Click Here to Create Business Model Canvas for Your Business

Discounted Cash Flow Model. After the Business Model Canvas has gone through several iterations and describes a viable business model in words,  it’s time to describe the business in numbers to make sure it makes financial sense.  This is done using the Discounted Cash Flow model.

Click Here to learn more about and download a DCF template.

Grants2Business. The Grants to Business (G2B) program offers training and support designed to help life-science startups develop competitive applications for business grants with a particular focus on “Small Business Investigational Research/Small Business Technology Transfer’” grants (SBIR/STTR) and other non-dilutive funding.  The base G2B program is offered to Fundamentals clients on a no cost basis.

Click Here to Learn More About Grants2Business

BioGenerator Grants.  Fundamentals clients may receive financial support from the BioGenerator Grants program, which may pay for intellectual property strategy, market research, small proof of concept experiments, prototype development, or other key steps in business de-risking.  Grants are provided on a merit basis.

Coming up –

Mock Panel – Every cycle, we support grant application submission by providing expert review and feedback similar to NIH study sessions.

SBIR/STTR Training Workshop – May 19 – 20, 2021

Check back later for registration and other details.


The following are examples of companies that have participated in the Fundamentals program and gone on to secure resources in the form of non-dilutive grants, investments, revenues, or strategic partnerships.

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