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Brian Clevinger, Ph.D.

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Brian is currently the Managing Director at Prolog Ventures. Brian has over 20 years of experience in all phases of commercial technology development, including at Prolog Ventures, a St. Louis based venture capital firm he founded in 2000. Prolog has raised over $120M in three funds and has invested in over 35 health care companies, 16 of which were in St. Louis at the time of funding. Brian’s portfolio companies include APT Therapeutics, Altheus Therapeutics, and Sequoia Sciences. Prior to Prolog, Brian was CEO of Megan Health, a vaccine company focused on food safety vaccines. He serves on the Board of the Center for Emerging Technologies, St. Louis Academy of Science, The Family Resource Center and a number of life science start-up companies.  Following an academic career in a tenured position at Washington University in St. Louis, he learned the art of investing at an affiliate of Alafi Capital. Brian holds a PhD in immunology from Indiana University and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Washington University.

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