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Eric Miller, Ph.D.

Senior Investment Analyst

Eric joined the BioGenerator in 2013 and brings over 12 years of scientific research, pharmaceutical consulting, and business experience.  His role as an Analyst within the BioGenerator is to support due diligence and investment activity for new and existing portfolio companies.

Prior to joining the BioGenerator, Eric served as a consultant for the St. Louis based firm, MattsonJack (now Kantar Health).  As part of his role, Eric participated in a variety of engagements with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the field of drug discovery and commercialization.  With a therapeutic focus in oncology, Eric’s primary experience was in the clinical and scientific assessment of new product entities in clinical development.  His areas of expertise include thought leader insights, product and clinical pathway assessment, competitor profiling, portfolio prioritization decisions, sales forecasting, licensing due diligence, competitive intelligence and asset evaluation.  The insight and knowledge provided by Eric assisted clients in prioritizing and driving decisions throughout the preclinical and clinical stages of development.

Eric earned his PhD in biochemistry from Washington University in St. Louis.  Eric’s research experiences range from basic chemistry to molecular microbiology.  His graduate work specifically investigated key virulence factors associated with urinary tract infections and bacterial pathogenesis.  During this time, Eric also developed a key interest in the St. Louis entrepreneurial community and served a pivotal role in the development of the ongoing student-based organization, the BioEntrepreneurship Core.  Eric received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Arkansas.

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