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Harry Arader

Harry Arader


Harry Arader is the Director of various entrepreneur development programs at BioGenerator including “Fundamentals”, a Coaching and Resources program and “Grants to Business (G2B)” a business grant development program both designed to support the founders of life-science companies in St. Louis. Fundamentals helps entrepreneurs solve business problems in creative ways. G2B helps companies compete for federal grant funding. Find out more here.

Prior to his role at BioGenerator, from 2013 – 2014, Mr. Arader was CEO of RNAgri, an early stage company with proprietary technology for the manufacturing of interfering RNA (RNAi) in agricultural and other applications. In addition to raising start-up capital, Mr. Arader successfully negotiated RNAgri’s first research collaboration with DuPont Pioneer.

Mr. Arader was the Founder and CEO of Midway Animal Health, founded in 2010 based on technology licensed from the University of Chicago and Michigan State University. Since 2005, Mr. Arader has been and remains an Independent Director of Midway Pharmaceuticals Inc., a human health company built around the same technology.

Between September of 2010 and July of 2013, Mr. Arader was an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at The BioGenerator in St. Louis MO. Mr. Arader was the first business leader recruited into BioGenerator’s EIR program. In his role as an EIR at BioGenerator, Mr. Arader mentored early stage companies and participated in the creation of over a half-dozen start-ups.

From 2003 – 2007, Mr. Arader was a Co-Founder, and Director of Nanodisc Inc. a nanotechnology company. He served as CEO for BioDisplay Technologies Inc., a directed evolution platform biotechnology company in Urbana Illinois from shortly after that company’s inception in 1999 until its acquisition by Abbott Laboratories in December 2001. From 1998 through 2000, Mr. Arader acted as Chief Business Officer and then as Business Development Consultant to Orion Genomics LLC – an epigenetics-based, plant biology and molecular diagnostics company in St. Louis MO. In 1998, he was a Senior Business Advisor to Unimed Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company that was sold to Solvay for a 6X appreciation in share value over the term of his engagement there.

In economic development projects at the Centromere Group, in 1997-98 Mr. Arader wrote the “Illinois State Strategic Plan for the Biotechnology Industry”. He was one of the founders of IBIO (the Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization) and launched the successful effort that resulted in bringing the BIO 2006 trade-show to Chicago. Mr. Arader was also the consultant to the University of Illinois during the creation of Illinois Ventures, a seed stage venture fund.

Prior to his roles at the Centromere Group, Mr. Arader was Chief Financial Officer of Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. where he led the firm’s IPO that raised $57 million. He was also a key driver of the $90 million acquisition of Chemgenics Pharmaceuticals. He built and led the Finance, Strategic Planning, Investor Relations, Materials Management and Facilities functions during a period of rapid company growth.

Prior to Millennium, Mr. Arader spent 10 years at Searle, the Pharmaceutical arm of Monsanto. As Managing Director of Searle Greater China in 1993-95 Mr. Arader created a highly profitable sales and marketing company on the Chinese mainland, among other projects.

In 1992-93, as Searle’s Vice President of International Marketing, Mr. Arader had extensive experiences in Europe and Asia. He was instrumental in negotiating a co-promotion agreement for the launch of Searle’s Arthrotec brand in Germany. Mr. Arader led a product repositioning effort and the reorganization of the sales and marketing functions of Searle’s Japanese subsidiary yielding a $70 million improvement in operating earnings in 18 months.

In 1990, Searle Pharmaceuticals’ Chairman, Dr. Sheldon Gilgore, selected Mr. Arader to serve as Executive Director of Strategic Planning. Reporting directly to the Chairman and as an advisory member of Searle’s Executive Management Committee, Mr. Arader organized and managed the annual strategic planning process and staffed Dr. Gilgore’s role as Chairman of PhARMA.

In his early days at Searle Mr. Arader focused on marketing and business development. As Product Director – GI/Anti-inflammatory Products he developed and implemented the U.S. launch plan for Cytotec, the innovative product for the prevention of ulcers associated with arthritis medications. As Associate Director of New Products – U.S., Mr. Arader led the efforts to in-license the Ambien and Daypro brands that went on to became Searle’s number one and two revenue generators through most of the 1990s.

Prior to joining Searle, Mr. Arader held Sales and Marketing positions at Merck & Co. from May of 1983 – April of 1986.

Mr. Arader’s educational background includes an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Planning from the Wharton School (’83), and a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the State University of New York at Purchase (’76).
In addition to his accomplishments in his professional life, Mr. Arader is very active in philanthropy. He is a member of the Advisory Committees of Arch Grants; The BALSA Group; Sling Health and MedLaunch. He has long been a supporter of a Chicago theater-company called Collaboraction, and was that organization’s Board President from January 2003 – December 2005. From 2008 to 2016 Mr. Arader served on the board of the Ox-Bow, a 100+ year- old school of art and artists’ residency affiliated with the Art Institute of Chicago and located in Saugatuck MI.

He lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife Susan.

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