BioGenerator creates and grows innovative companies through its two complementary approaches — investing through BioGenerator Ventures and comprehensive startup support through BioGenerator Labs. The parent of BioGenerator is BioSTL.

BioGenerator Ventures

Our Companies

The BioGenerator portfolio is a compilation of companies within the health and plant sciences including therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, research tools, agriculture and health care.

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BioGenerator Labs

Photo of Erica Barnell

Erica Barnell

Co-Founder and CSO, Geneoscopy

“BioGenerator played a critical and diverse role in Geneoscopy's development and maturation. From the financial, mentoring, and physical infrastructure support provided to launch Geneoscopy through the BioGenerator Labs five years ago, to most recently leading an independent diligence process to catalyze our Series B, which resulted in a key strategic investor joining the round, BioGenerator has been instrumental to our company's success.”

Photo of Matthew B. Crisp

Matthew B. Crisp

Co-Founder and CEO, Benson Hill (NYSE:BHIL)

“BioGenerator played a critical role in leading our initial financing - putting together the due diligence and orchestrating additional investors. Their commitment to supporting Benson Hill in multiple ways beyond their share of invested capital is part of the reason we are excited to call St. Louis home.”

Photo of Steve Hanley

Steve Hanley

Co-Founder and CEO, MediBeacon

“The network BioGenerator has is really invaluable and their active support from pre-company licensing through our Series A round was critical in getting the company to where it is today.”

Photo of Joseph Monahan

Joseph Monahan

Co-Founder and CSO, Confluence (NASDAQ:ACRS)

“BioGenerator was deeply committed to working with the founders to build a successful company.  Without the ongoing support of BioGenerator, the Confluence story would never have happened. ”

Photo of Jennifer Silva

Jennifer Silva

Co-Founder and CMO, SentiAR

“BioGenerator has been instrumental in launching our company—from learning how to be successful academic founders to the details of starting and financing SentiAR, our spin out from Washington University. They have made crucial introductions to industry leaders at appropriate times and invested in our company. We could not have embarked down this path without all the support from the BioGenerator team!”

Photo of Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

VC Fellow at BioGenerator; VP Finance and Operations at Wugen

“My role as a BioGenerator Venture Capital Fellow exposed me to many startup opportunities as I explored the business aspects of commercializing technology. I quickly recognized the potential significance of Wugen’s technology and am excited to be part of the Wugen team as we advance forward into clinical trials.”

Photo of Martha Schlicher

Martha Schlicher

Executive in Residence, BioGenerator

“St. Louis has a tremendous opportunity to build innovative startup companies by leveraging its deep strengths in agriculture and food technologies. In my role at BioGenerator, I am helping to create new St. Louis companies that address global issues in food production and food quality.”

Photo of Jeff Milbrandt

Jeff Milbrandt

Co-Founder and CSO, DiSARM Therapeutics (NYSE:LLY)

“BioGenerator helped us immensely by providing critical pre-company proof of concept funding, advice, and connections as we launched our new company. Their relationships with venture capital and experience structuring deals were invaluable in this process.”

Photo of Sach Chitnis

Sach Chitnis

General Partner, Jump Capital

“BioGenerator is a significant value-add investor, while also being a great source of life science deal flow. The quality of the investment opportunity combined with the professionalism they brought to due diligence and the deal process allowed us to move very quickly.”

Photo of Crystal Winkeler

Crystal Winkeler

VC Fellow at BioGenerator; Co-Founder & COO, Canopy (NASDAQ:BRKR)

“BioGenerator played a critical role in the development of our company from day one. They conceived of the business model, were instrumental in bringing together the founding team, and led the initial funding of the company. We simply wouldn’t exist without the BioGenerator team.”